15 years of Cognitive Science in Dubrovnik

The DUCOG Series


Established in 2006

The Central European Cognitive Science Association (CECOG) is a civil association established to foster cooperation of research and teaching in the field of cognitive science in Central Europe. 'Central Europe' is taken in both its geographic sense and its broadest interpretation in the intellectual domain, but the activities of the association are not restricted in either sense. The main activity of the association is the organization of the yearly DUCOG conference series, sharing graduate training information, and promoting summer schools.

Our annual conference is an open, international event. Students, researchers and professors are encouraged to attend from all over the world. The conference is attracting about 100 participants each year. The advantage of a relatively small conference is that it fosters open discussion and a scientific networking experience for both senior and younger participants. The conference features invited talks around a hot topic of cognitive science. Beyond that, anyone can submit poster presentations, which are not restricted to the topic of the conference. The authors of small number of poster submissions are invited to present their research orally. The conference takes place at the end of each May in Dubrovnik.

CECOG was founded in 2006 by:

Cognitive science, as the interdisciplinary study of cognition, has become one of the central integrating disciplines both in Europe and in the U.S. during the last decades. Generally, it promises to provide an overall view of cognition and offer foundations for its application. By combining the notions and methods of psychology, neuroscience and biology, philosophy, mathematics, computer science, and social sciences including linguistics, anthropology, and economics, it keeps alive the vision that the infamous two cultures divide can be overcome.

Since 2023, the president of the association is Ildikó Király (ELTE). The secretaries of the association are Rebeka Zsoldos (ELTE), Bálint Varga (CEU) and Anna Kispál (CEU).

Find us at cecog@cecog.eu, on Facebook or Twitter!

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We are very grateful to all our donors for their support of CECOG!

As a nonprofit organization, we organize our conferences on a budget that depends on the registration fees of previous events. However, this year, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we had to cancel the conference. Since we still have to cover running expenses each year (including accounting and server hosting costs), this led to a situation where we had to start off organizing DUCOG 2021 on a more limited budget than usual. We aim to keep the quality of next year's DUCOG as high as previous years' conferences, and to be able to do so, we ask for your help in these special circumstances.

You can support us via sending donations to the following Transferwise account:

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In case your donation would exceed 1300 EUR (or 1200 GBP / 1500 USD / 500 000 HUF), you would like a proof of your donation, or you would donate as an organisation, please contact us by e-mail first at cecog@cecog.eu.

Every donation, no matter what size, would help securing the future of the conference series.


Attila Keresztes
Programme Chair
Zsuzsanna Nemecz
Programme Chair
Ildikó Király
President of CECOG
Rebeka Zsoldos
Secretary of CECOG,
Anna Kispál
Secretary of CECOG,
Bálint Varga
Secretary of CECOG,